3 simple reasons why? You should switch from Desktop to Cloud Payroll system (Part 1 of 2)

1. Work without interruption from anywhere in the world? From Ibiza or a coffee shop maybe?

Have you ever been in a situation that you just cannot work without your laptop and wish you could teleport to your home or office just to get that small (teeny-weeny) task done.

Trust me, I have (I am sure we all have), and I hate it every time it happens!

To make it worse, you have to be there to do it in person at your desktop in between meetings and heavy traffic? Hell Nah! It is like you could only use Google from your laptop. Wouldn’t that be super ‘Ma fan’ (means inconvenient in Chinese). The whole world might go crazy right?!

And that’s the closest analogy I could find to put cloud vs desktop payroll system in contrast against each other.

Having your HR information on cloud is just like having Google on your phone, where it gives you the ability to access and even perform crucial action that’s needed from afar without having to waste time and energy to be at your desktop when needed.

Now let’s look at it from a HR processing point of view. Do you know that most big businesses use up to 10% of their HR efforts into administration alone (not including time)? Mind that word ‘big’.

Now think about SMEs that has little to no staff to do HR processes specifically. That’s a lot of time (which also means cost) for small businesses to be wasting! I’ll leave you to think further from this point.

Solution? Get a system that you can access from both desktop and your phone like what we have at kakitangan.com

Yes, we are trying to sell our product. But at least we are making sense, right?

Okay, let's move on to no.2.

2. High Security = Sleep well + dream well.

Hmm. We have spoken to tens of thousands of SMEs collectively and one thing that’s constant in terms of worries? Data security!

This is a pressing matter especially for desktop system. Why? Because you just can’t reverse back that lost information. Let it be a robber, hacker, or even a virus (even wind you can see it coming, but virus you can’t), these anomalies can wipe out, or even worse use it for ill purposes that may damage your company’s reputation beyond repair besides being slapped with legal actions (we hope not).

Or imagine losing all payroll information the day before your company’s salary day. That’ll be a D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. Not only for your employees, but especially for you. But with a cloud-based payroll system, you can easily recover all that lost information within minutes.

Solution? Yes we are trying to sell you our products again (haha). But think about it a little deeper, after this coming line: We are PDPA and LHDN compliant by all means.

Plus, we’ll give you unlimited cloud-data storage when you sign up for any of our paid packages. So that in this case you can store as much as you want with the best security cloud storage could offer.

3. Updating Software-updates in accordance to Malaysian employment policy automatically.

Unlike updating your SimCity game sequels, which would have costed you time and money – when you are on a cloud-based payroll system (especially ours) you can forget about this problem.

All you need in effort is making yourself aware of the new updates. For example, when EIS kicked-in into Malaysian employment policy: all our client needed to do was to get themselves ‘aware’ of the update, because we updated it without even having them to do anything. It is that ‘Senang’ really! (means easy in Malay).

This also means on a cloud payroll system there’ll be need to call out to your HR payroll system provider for updates through patch files - which usually comes with a lot of wasted time and expensive paid-services.

To elaborate on time wasted however, we have heard that some providers (competitors alert!) may even take up to a month to rectify a single problem (sometimes they don’t even come back), only to find out it is a system issue.

Think. And make the smart choice today!

With those 3 points above, I will let your mind ease into your calm thinking-mode. Just come on over to kakitangan.com to use our system for free and see how it goes!

So hurry to our website and leave us your details (https://app.kakitangan.com/signup), we assure you nothing but helpfulness.