How to get EA/E form done?

Hope you had a good holiday last few days. Now it’s an interesting time – to prepare the EA and E form submission.
It’s not difficult though, everything was similar to last year. Let us go through it with you step by step.

  1. Firstly, you need to get everyone’s aggregated 2017 payroll data correct. In, the system captures the data for form E/EA via 2 places: firstly, the payroll summary you “confirm” every month; and secondly, the payroll->import page that you put in aggregated numbers for your employee PRIOR TO using
    For example, If you start using in Nov 2017, so you have Nov-Dec 2017 in the payroll. But EA form should cover your staff compensation from Jan to Oct 2017. You fill in the aggregated amount of those in Payroll->Import. If you are using since 2016? Ah congratulation –you probably do not need to do the aggregated amount thing at all.
  2. So, you double check everyone’s 2017 EA form. If they all have no problem, then your form E should be correct too. If there’s any issues, here’s a specific case study on how you fix it:

There’s 2 months I had an RM1000/month allowance but it was set as taxable. I spoke to my tax consultant and confirms that it should be tax-exempted (make sure your tax consultant gives you some black and white). How do I fix it?

As the amount of netpay and tax has been transacted, you need to be very care in amending the payroll. To avoid the mistake, instead of amending the payroll, you go to payroll->import to make adjustment. i.e. for this person’s 2017 aggregated number, you can minus 2000 in the taxable allowance and add 2000 in the tax-exempted allowance there. Keep an offline record on why are you doing that (especially the tax consultant advisory) – in case if LHDN audits you and you forgot the reason. Now, 2017 EA form number of this person should have the numbers that you’re looking for.

If you’ve done the above correctly, you should have EA/E form numbers correct.

[Note: by 1 Mac, you may skip the next step. eg submit CP8D instead of e-data praisi. ]

  1. Now go to Payroll->Form E page, download the e-Data Praisi file and unzip it. Use the file start with P to submit. By 22 Feb 2018, you are encouraged by LHDN to submit the E-data Praisi. The website is - we attach a few screenshots here to make your life easier.

  2. You may now send EA form to your colleagues, by email or by print out the hardcopy. Do it in Feb so they can have their tax assessment in March.

  3. LHDN opened the actual Form E submission (CP8D) at 1 Mar 2018, it is very straightforward and work exactly like last year.

Hope it helps. Look forward to your successful submission to LHDN!

p/s: update on EIS payment. iPerkeso has now included online EIS payment, though they are not supporting the text file upload yet (i.e. you need to check one by one). Hope it is done sooner!

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